Every day is the same

I feel bad and life looks shitty. BUT… then I do what I have to do and 80% of the time it turns out good. I just went clothes shopping and the salesman seemed pretty cool. Friendly. I bought my winter clothes. On sale too. Now I’m at Wendy’s sipping a diet Coke in my car feeling pretty warm and content. It’s a cool crisp night out and it’s good to be out and about by myself.


I pretty much feel the same way. I just focus on today and try not to think about tomorrow. I have a tentative plan for the next week. Just what I want to do.


hi nick. maybe new years day will be more of a special day for us all. my treats are music physical exercise and reading. i hope this year i can add on hobbies like hookrug sewing and coloring.

things are looking up for me. my cancer is gone… my sz under good control…

i am trying to feel true happiness and even joy. maybe …



Well, that’s great to hear. I hope things keep getting better for you.

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Mate. You know I’m a big fan of yours and that is what I see through here. Your a stand up bloke with some really good morals and you deserve a lot of happiness because you don’t judge people and you just be.

Much power to you. I always encourage you to do more. Get out there and be social. Find something that can be a hobby where you can connect to people on a different level. I’m sure you’ll be fine and moving into other circles will keep you on your toes…

Don’t be thankful for second best. Your a good dude and get out there and see what is yours…Much peace my friend.


thanks much nick. i hope things get better and better for you and all of us here. hugs, judy

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