Every day is a struggle

Every day is a struggle with SZ. I wonder if I am medicated enough. I am and have been on only 1mg of Haldol for the last 10 years. I don’t like being medicated to the point of being a zombie. How am I just going to get through this life?


I go through periods where everyday is a struggle. Then I get a break for a while. Then the daily struggle starts again.

I don’t know if you’re undermedicated or not but it’s worthwhile talking to your doctor about it.


I’m on 15mg of Haldol and I’m not all spaced out. Maybe you could try a higher dose if your dr allows it

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Wow. that is a lot. I felt side effects when I accidently took 2mg… so you feel good?

Yes. I started at 10mg. Then I went to 12.5 and now 15. But drugs affect everyone differently.

Have u been on just 1mg and no other ap for ten years? With no positive symptoms

I haven’t been on any other med during this time… not sure what my symptoms are but they are manageable but still present somewhat.

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Yea everyday is a struggle to find the right supplement/med for sz .

One day at a time. I have friends without SZ and many of them have their own comparable struggles. That’s just life, you’ve gotta swim upstream my friend.


I was in Haldol. That changed eventually due to uncontrollable muscle movements in my eyes started because of that drug, I was on a higher dose than you and it was pretty high in terms for that drug, so to some, they said I lost some aspects that made me, me. But it was at that dose that I was able to live a productive life. I wasn’t zombie-like as you are worried about, just a little flat on my emotional side.

Exactly. I wish I had more good days.

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@VanDam, How is your life a struggle? Do you hear voices? Are you paranoid? Negative symptoms?

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It’s been 15 years of trying different meds so I’m not a zombie but also feel my symptoms are somewhat improving. I’m still not quite there but I also usually don’t feel too zombie-like.

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I don’t hear voices because I’m on medication. When I first came down with SZ I heard voices that told me they were spiritual guides and told me to kill myself. I just feel like I am always fighting against forces in the universe. I don’t have much motivation for life. I don’t have much joy. I’m scared.

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How much Haldol? Haldol can be nasty at a high dose, but as someone else said every medicine effects people differently. I don’t have side effects on 1mg which is why I’ve kept it so low.

I’ve found worrying about side effects to be counter productive.

It really is about function vs side effects. Take care of symptoms where you can function then deal with the side effects. It’s no use thinking this will be a problem when your function is so low!

So. Get the symptoms sorted. Then you have options for treatment to try other things with the meds. Most modern atypicals should give you better side effect profiles over haldol but your right on that. We are all different and respond differently!

Have a chat to your shrink. A decent shrink will have an idea of what may or may not work. It is an art over a science which makes good ones so hard to find!


Before I was on Haldol I tried Abilify, Geodon, Risperodol, and one other I don’t remember. None of them worked very well and Geodon almost killed me. Haldol was a life saver allowing me to finish University and become functional again. I’m scared to try something else that will probably not work as well as Haldol. I remember being constantly hungry on one of the medicines too which is why I see some people gain weight.

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Upping the dose to take care of your positive symptoms is a no brainer.

Deal with the side effects then. Yes . Meds are sedating but you can still live a realized life on them. I’d be sticking to the haldol but if your struggling upping the dose isn’t a bad move.

It’s your life my friend. Do what you need to do to get by!

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What med do you take? How much? What side effects do you have?

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I take 10 mgs of zyprexa. Like you I’ve tried a few namely 3. It works well for me.

Side effects are sedation and other things. I don’t dwell on the problems I think of the solutions.

For me. A large problem is depression. I can trip balls and still be ok but depression strikes me hard. I take a large dose of anti depressant. It really gives me troubles with my digestive track but it works.

So. 10 mgs of zyprexa…not a bad dose on the low side and 300 mgs of effexor…that is high side indeedy.

We are all different. You need to be proactive and find your own levels. It’s really not an exact science. You need to deal with it and move forward.

Keep on keeping on!

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