Every day gets harder with talking?

I want to talk but each day gets harder. Everyone is hyper critical of everything I do. I feel like I should just stop talking. Sometimes they make me talk when I don’t really feel like it and I don’t know what to say and it causes me trouble. I’m scared they’re out to get me and they’re punishing me for talking, and making fun of the what I say, and trying to hurt me for the things I say. Does anyone feel the same way?

I’m kind of similar, but a bit dissimilar. I’m extremely self conscious. I hate how commonplace it is to make fun of clumsiness and quirks. But I’m usually so ashamed of my personality that I behave like a mute. Sometimes I bottle so much that hurts badly, but I just can’t make myself talk. Other times I have too much word salad junk in my head that I know won’t be understood.