EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. eating disorder short film


Brings back memories. The worst thing for me was the laxative abuse.

I gag at the very thought of laxatives now.

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Went into the video with a lot of bias, but was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing!

I blame the fashion industry for eating disorders.

The average woman in the US has a 14-16 waist, but models are now expected to have a 0 waist (supposedly the clothes look better on tall, skinny models). We’ve seen this trend with Victoria’s Secret models over the years.

Women, and to a lesser degree men, have an unrealistic personification of beauty. Anorexia and bulimia have increased. So many women and girls are literally dying to be thin.

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I haven’t purged in a long time. Like 20 years or more but I sure do binge.

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