Ever worsening difficulites with pumping gas has me wondering

I go to get gas fairly often of course. I stare at the pumps it’ll say 87, 89, 914 usually and sometimes not always have a fourth option for deisel. Anyhow no matter what I drive sway in fear that I mistakenly put diesel fuel in my car and I am going to blow up, which I never did makes no difference if deisel wasn’t even an option at the pump I was at. I’m tired of it Tired of worrying about the mail service not being right too I doubt even my ability to pump gas, what confidence do I have to ever have a career really? desimb

When I was afraid I was forgetting to turn off the stove, unplug the iron, or lock the door, I would make a mental note of myself doing the activity. Kind of like taking a mental photograph of doing the activity. After a while I didn’t question myself anymore. Maybe you could do this at the pump so when you have doubts you could refer to those mental pictures. Hope this helps :smile: Tonight I was paranoid while I was driving that I would be pulled over. I kept checking my speed and reassured myself that Jason would have told me if I was driving too far to the right. We all struggle with the small stuff. I hope it gets better for you. Sending you sunshine :sunny:

I am not confident in many areas of life, but I still work. Just saying.

What amazes me is that the underground gas tanks don’t blow up.

When they refill the tanks at the gas station, they fill a bucket with water and attach this to the tanker via a wire. This discharges the gas tanker to ground and thus eliminated the possibility of producing a static spark that would ignite the underground gas tank.

I kid you not. The next time you see a tanker refilling the underground tanks you will see a pail of water in use.

When I was 17 I was working at a gas station. If I worked the night shift, it was my job after we closed to see how much gas was left in our underground tank. To do this we had a pole that was like a big thermometer that we dipped in the gas tank through a hole and measured how much gas was left. It never crossed my mind that this was dangerous. Until now.

Nick, I had the same job as a teenager. And we used the same method to measure the tanks for years. I hated it, because I always smelled like gasoline. Then finally, one day, the company upgraded to a digital measuring device. Thank God, no more smelling like gasoline every day!

Ah, memories…



So you were there for years? Wow, my job only lasted 3 months. I got fired.

Your problem with the gas seems like a solvable problem to me, desimb.

Yes, I was there for a few years. I worked night shift and loved it.

Until one night, the gas station on the next block away from me got robbed. And the robbers killed the attendant for no reason.

I didn’t feel comfortable working there alone at nights anymore after that. So I found a new (safer) job.



I have the same problem with stoplights. When the light turns green I’m afraid to go because I’m afraid it’s not really green or something. And if do go, I’m afraid I’ll get pulled over. Like maybe I’m mistaking the meaning of green for red, or what if I SEE green but is red. I usually check to be sure ppl around me go first, or that ppl behind me go too after I go.

My therapist wasn’t really able to help me with it. I’m trying to figure out what category of symptom it is. I’m thinking it’s an OCD like symptom, but could have to do with the realization that I can’t always trust what I see.

As far as I can tell I haven’t mistakenly run a red light yet.