Ever wonder what happens to people from space after they get here

most do after seeing the Tv and hearing radio. funny how that happens.


I thought they put on a fresh human suit and walk amongst us until they pick a partner.

My boss has been hiring them for our janitor crew.

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i’d just like a good meal and a soft bed lol

Guy looks like he’s just watched CNN for 24 hours straight.

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Fox news…breaking news…one paranoid story at a time…the aliens demand we quarter and draw justin beiber his music is driving them insane…making these normally peaful beings to cannibalism and drug use…



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I blame @velociraptor for Justin Beiber’s entire career. Next time some idiot with bad hair with no redeeming qualities except he can carry a tune becomes famous in Canada and he wants to come into the U.S., nip it in the bud please, pixel. Put him under house arrest until he’s 35.

You’re operating under the mistaken assumption that we want him here.

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I dont know if you know this and im risking my life saying it…im sorry pixel i cant live with the lie…pixel actualy ate justin beiber 4 years ago…he now wears justins skin and does all his concerts for him…please dont kill me oprah…oh yea pixel is actualy oprah wearing pixels skin…so this is all oprahs fault?..yea damit oprah…


Justin isn’t a 2XL. I am. I’m gonna need the skin from two Justins to pull that off. Cute theory, though.

Edit: I wouldn’t really want to wear his skin, but his liver would accompany a Chianti rather nicely.

Did that make you laugh? If not please tell a joke that makes you actually laugh…you say most of your jokes you dont actually find funny, you just know it appeals to others…if you dont mind… so we can all work on our make pixel piss his pants with laughter sz extrene challenge…then ill start the thread and you can judge the jokes…wait dont post an example i already said my joke…

The liver bit did. I only enjoy inappropriate humour. Deadpool will be my favourite movie for life.

Re: Justin Bieber:

No. 58

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I laughed at your liver joke…you refrenced hannibal in refrence to wearing skin and eating people…i think i was refrencing buffalo bill maybe it puts the lotion on the skin guy…

They feel the weight of earth’s gravity and ask “Do I look fat in my alien space suit?”