Ever try to do something new with your makeup and you end up looking like you have a black eye?

Be real.

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I did it today.


I’m fine doing eyeliner and mascara, can’t do eye shadow worth a damn.

Yeah, I’ve some pretty hot mess looks in my past.


I remember in high school just smearing black eyeliner all over the place.

No blending.

I thought it was sooo hot.

Oy vey.

We all have makeup disasters in our past.

Or for me, right now.


You still look good rexy, but yeah kinda looks like a bruise rather than smokie

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You’d think after nearly 25 years of wearing makup everyday I would have figured it out,

But eyeshadow is a ■■■■■ to put on.


I haven’t looked like I have a black eye, but I do look bad in eyeshadow. I’ve tried following tutorials, but I still looked bad. So, I just don’t do eyeshadow, anymore.

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Your eyelashes look kick ass as always though!

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I got the eyeliner down most the time.

@mermaid1 sent me a video on it and helped coach me along a few years ago.

It was difficult but I believe I’ve mastered the art now.

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My wife was not impressed.


Makeup Boy.

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