Ever things a mental illness V mental illness dose not exsist

hope to under stand the truth my roommate says its none existent. and both can’t be right !

It only exist in out heads. Everything is a fabrication of the mind .

because i am over it…it’s a gift for me…

i decided what i want to feel now


Or both things can be valid and be right!

It’s not yes or no…it’s often more grey than that!

Seriously. IF your afflicted then you are. You up against it because most folks aren’t. Saying that though. I’ve met many a nutter in my 45 years who are way to fock more crazy than I ever was! That is the issue.

If your schizophrenic then taking meds leads to better outcomes. It’s that simple.

If your trying to understand the universe without then I’d suggest it leads to problems your not going to fix.

Everything else …and medications isn’t a bad cop!

A friend in the struggle,