Ever Straight Up feel bad for drinkers?

Yes, I’m feeling sympathetic and I don’t want to be…heeeeeelp

I feel for anyone struggling with addiction. Nobody ever wants to become an addict and controlling an addiction is very difficult.


I’ve been there… I got it under control and I do feel bad when I see others suffering with this too.

It’s a hard one because I know that they aren’t going to quit until they find that “enough is enough” point with in themselves. No matter how much one wants to help… it all comes from within.


@SurprisedJ …that’s very well said…

I don’t feel bad for drinkers necessarily. I mean a drinker can be someone who’s out enjoying a few drinks with friends or whatever. I do have sympathy for people struggling with a drinking problem or alcoholism. I’ve been there and though I did manage 16 months sober I revisited it not even that long ago. I know what it’s like to struggle with alcohol so I can’t very well judge anyone for it.

For me I guess I just had to eventually come to the realization that it wasn’t a solution despite how numb and fuzzy the first several drinks got me feeling. That first few have never been enough for me and I very rarely could stop after a few. All the treatment and help in the world wouldn’t have helped me had I not got to the point of feeling utterly sick and tired of the same results over and over again. I just have to keep in mind that those first few drinks were never enough and were never going to be and that yeah it might make the pain and discomfort seem to go away for a while but it always came back two fold later.

@IIwantingII -are you currently dealing with someone with a drinking problem?

Depends if they want help with it or not.

Doing well, just concerned…

Years ago I knew a guy who was struggling with alcoholism and he was addicted to inhalors. He also had some kind of mental illness. I took him took him to AA meetings,I talked to him about alcoholism and the program, I went over to his house to have coffee with him so he wasn’t alone with just his booze. I really thought I could help him but he kept relapsing and relapsing. He was a cool guy but eventually it became obvious I couldn’t help him and I couldn’t risk my own sobriety by being around him. I felt bad for him but I had to give up on him.

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I didn’t notice the date when I decided to stop drinking but I haven’t had a drink in over a month now and even though I still think “aw, one drunk wouldn’t hurt” I remember how unstable I was when I drank and the craving goes away. Yes, I feel bad for drinkers and people with addictions. I’m still addicted to two more vices.

that stinks, I’ve met alcoholics, willing and unwilling, and dry people…and they all seem super nice…that is why I ask Nick because I’d like to accept those street people, (edit, and those with a problem) and drink a little tiny bit myself without freaking out. This may seem snide or arrogant to some, but I assure you I mean that I care for civ. For example 2 small drinks or 1 large isn’t as healthy as a multivitamin but won’t kill you either. (edit, the reason I say it this way is some people drink a tiny bit and some people drink a bunch and restaurants have very different glasses)

i find alcoholism difficult to understand…simply for how shitty u feel the next day. i go out and have fun and get slaughtered just like a lot of people but it’s not something i could do everyday. i went for a blood test a couple of months back and was sat opposite an alcoholic in the waiting room. he was unkempt, filthy and reeked of drink. it made me very uncomfortable to b near someone with a problem to that extent. i used to b addicted to dope and probably looked and smelled just as bad as that poor man in the waiting room. i stopped years ago but have tried it on occasion since. i guess i’ve done a complete 360. i don’t like the way dope makes me feel anymore. my only addiction now is cigarettes and even that is starting to wind me up. i understand addiction so don’t slate anyone for it but being in close proximity to it makes me uncomfortable so i would rather stay away. is that weak of me? i don’t know. all i do know is, u can’t save people from themselves. only they can do that.

that’s kinda what I’m saying I’ve had plenty of problems, including substances, and now my life is kinda going through a melodic time and I’m thankful for it, but still feel bad for those that might have a problem…