Ever since my first pyschoses in 2000

ever since 2000, ive studyed the history of psychoses from books, the net, people and psychiarists. i can say im truely fascinated it by it all. i understand it quite a bit

I really admire that because I don’t seem to understand why my head is doing this to me at all. I’m trying to learn though. I read a lot so if there is any book that you found particularly interesting or helpful, could you pass on the title and author?

Going Mad?: Understand…

Michael Curry
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Going Mad?: Understanding Mental Illness
by Michael Curry, Aine Tubridy
3.75 of 5 stars 3.75 · rating details · 4 ratings · 1 review
Have you ever thought you were going mad? Ever questioned your sanity? Hated yourself so much that you wanted to end it all? Felt your life crippled by panic? Lost control over your own mind?

This ground-breaking book addresses many people’s unspoken concerns about mental illness, and the associated stigma. It questions the mainstream arguments, instead placing consciousness, thoughts, emotions and experiences as the creators of psychological distress and dis-ease states.

The authors demystify the psychiatric labels, presenting them as understandable responses that are experienced as a result of traumatic or difficult life situations. Their case studies, drawn from their clinical experience, vividly describe the journey into madness, clearly documenting what happens and what doesn’t in states such as schizophrenia, mania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and panic attacks.

Their aim is to make madness understandable and inseparable from the experience of being human. This vital view firmly puts the lifeforce and soul back into the healing process where it belongs.

J i found that book interesting, that was one of my first books i read, way back in 2002, it help me quite a bit.

Just by the brief posting here, I am very interested. Thank you for this.

i was told the lyrics in this song was about me, by a person in a mental hospital last year, when i was suffering, im playing it now, i find it insprining and good