Ever since I said my creativity ran dry I've made three songs

https://soundcloud.com/jonjames1/burning-bridges This is my favorite. It’s grown on me. The ending is the best!! Well, that’s my way of getting you to the listen to the whole thing. Jk I really think the ending is the best.

I also like the part

Feminist women love what I’m sayin
Even though I’m praying
On these vengeful misogynistic messages I’m conveying
But really there’s only one woman I hate
But they say that’s usually the case
With men who hate girls
But I stay In an uphurl
Cuz she fd up my world
But it’s ok
Cuz I’m back to the basics


But that part kinda segways into the ending!

I think it has some insightful message in it and better understanding for some ppl.

Ok :ok_hand: Peace!


If you see my around town
in a blue gown
because I escaped from the hospital

My fave lyric from many, many songs lol!

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