Ever make a post(s) here, receive absolutely no support

so youre just like ■■■■ it ill take my PRN??? Ok im better now. Bye haters


I missed the thread! I’m sorry. I hope you’re ok. I have my all day therapy today so I can’t stay on the forum with you, but you’re in my thoughts

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don’t feel bad…some posters like myself get that sometimes…it’s just how many people see your post and just like it instead…that’s enough for me.

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I think most of us here have started threads that get no traction.

Edit it and bump the thread.


Well i dont really base my worth on if someone responds to my post or not lol.

But sorry your not feeling well because of it bud!

Go out for some fresh air and a good walk. Now thats worth your time :blush:


It have happened a lot, even some where i needed help, they just drowned in cat videos og “7 best recipes of chicken curry” threads.

I know, it feels sad.

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