Ever made egg nog?

I just made some egg nog. Have you ever made it? It’s SO expensive here now. Last year it was about $5 a gallon. This year it’s $5.50 a half gallon at our local shop.


We like the Southern Comfort brand non-alcoholic eggnog. Not sure how much it costs, my mother buys it at the store. But it’s delish.

I prefer not to know how the eggnog is made.

Just like to enjoy the grossness.


I have never made homemade eggnog, no. I think I may have tried some when I was young though. We always buy ours from the store. It’s a nice treat this time of year. I like it.
I hope yours turned out good.

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I’ve never tried egg nog. The only reason I know it exists is because of the national lampoon’s Christmas vacation movie :popcorn::movie_camera: !


I made it without the alcohol. It turned out pretty well.

Yes I made it when I was younger. It tasted awful.

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