Ever just forget to eat?

I’'ve been too busy to eat today. haven’t even thought about it. Now that I have thought about it, I am hungry! Good I have leftover barbecue chicken pizza.


On the weekends i sometimes forget to eat. all i had today so far was a blueberry donut. I am thinking about what to have for dinner right now.

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I don’t forget to eat but on this Atkins diet, I don’t look forward to eating and generally wait till my stomach rumbles.


I’m supposed to be on a diet but I’m not doing too well I think.

Yesterday I had a Chinese chicken chopped salad for lunch which was great for my diet. But then I had barbecue chicken pizza for dinner…

I guess it wasn’t that bad because I never would have eaten the salad in the past for lunch if I wasn’t on the diet.

My parents cat Geno is on a diet too and he’s going nuts biting people because he doesn’t understand what he did. But the vet told my mom he’s not healthy.

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Have you ever been to that donut spot next to senor salsa kind of that island in the middle between Fairfield avenue and the post road? It’s right near circle diner (not the dunkin donuts but the donut place). Well every single time I’ve driven by that place in the morning there’s like 3 cop cars there. So I’m guessing its pretty good donuts?

I don’t, but often I don’t eat because I lack the motivation/mental energy to prepare something to eat.

I forget to eat all the time. Mostly breakfast because it is the least organized of our meals.


I haven’t been there in many years. i used to have a friend that worked there. i don’t think i ever got a donut. just coffee

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Yes, frequently. It’s the anxiety and being trapped in my head, but on the plus side, it’s good for weight loss.

i might have some left ove veg pakora that i bought last night, its in the fridge just now but its late here just past 11pm :confused:

I never forget to eat. i look like randy off trailer park boys with no shirt on. Im always starving man . facking meds man

In the summer at work, I go all day without eating, drink fluids but food never seems to be a thought. Heat of summer has a lot to do with it.

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I rarely forget to eat, and my belly shows it.

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