Ever had horrible teachers?

I think we’ve all had some pretty bad teachers/adult figures… rant to me about them. I have LOTS of pent up anger for years and years from a very abusive elementary school.

I don’t even know where to start with this. I had two/three most hated teachers. I don’t even think I can say who’s worse, because they all suck in their own way. And btw, why is it that teachers are HORRIBLE at helping kids with mental illness?

So my gym teacher, Mr. Nodalf (more like Adolf). He’s a fat big and I hope he’s fired or retired. He was AWFUL, not just to me, but the whole class except for the few that had “talent”. But he hated me the most. Example:

  1. When I was playing footsie with a friend. He stomped on my foot and I got angry and stomped on his foot back, I got called up to him and he yelled at me for kicking him for no reason.
  2. When I was given a broken jumping rope but used it anyways 'cause no way did I want to talk to that pig. I put it back when class ended and the next day I was yelled at for “endangering someone”, because the jump rope broke even more when my neighbor used it (now that I think about it, how in the Hll did he know I used that one? Does he watch me? Keep in mind there were 20+ kids in that class, and the jump ropes looked almost identical), and apparently it hit her or someone else? Because the rope snapped loose but how the HLL was I responsible for that?
  3. The time we were playing ping pong or something, he never showed me how to use the paddle so I hit the ball over head. I was yelled at for “almost bruising someone’s eye”(it touched no one and rolled on the ground), and then was taught how to “properly” hit, and then I had to sit out.
  4. THE WORST ONE. My mental illnesses were SEVERE back then, so I had a severe panic attack randomly during his talk to tell us what to do next. We sat in a circle and I started choking, I couldn’t breathe and I was freaking out. I asked him if I could use the bathroom and he said no. I asked again and again, and he said “NO. You can’t use the bathroom!”, so I asked if I could get a drink of water. He yelled at me and the whole class laughed. I had to deal with my panic attack with absolutely no coping mechanisms. You ever just sit still for 20 minutes when having a severe panic attack? It’s not fun.

Mrs. Cerezan or however you spell it. Now, it wasn’t just me who hated her. The whole SCHOOL hated her. Even the cop who worked with the school hated her (haha). But, why does she suck? Haha boy let me tell you. She was strict. Stricter than anyone I’ve ever met. She was EVIL,man. Keep in mind, we were 8 years old. And she was a total b*tch to us. Like chill lady, we’re freaking 8.

  1. I would constantly be yelled at. Got yelled at for dropping an eraser, got yelled at for talking back to one of my prominent bullies (he even yelled insults at me in FRONT OF THE TEACHER), I never was allowed to enjoy anything. Not kidding. The parties I was held back because we had this stupid as* “check system”, to “prepare us for middle school”, which was legit just putting a check in a book for every wrong thing you did, and if you got more than 12 no parties for you (I had two+ pages). Even once we had a Bill Nye video on, and she called me over “to do math”, but actually it was just her yelling at me and not letting me look at the screen while the kids enjoyed it.

Mrs… something I forget her name, but she’s ANCIENT. I think she was so crabby because the kids would talk about her weird nostrils (one side of the nose was sealed up and the nostril was in the side of her nose). She was strict as well. I only got two memories of her tho, because she wasn’t my primary teacher.

  1. When we were coloring maps I drew grass, and it looked like arrows, but it was supposed to be a bunch of little grasses. I got yelled at in front of the class, dead silent, because “YOU CAN’T DRAW ANYTHING EXTRA EXCEPT FOR THE THINGS LISTED. NO. ARROWS. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” I didn’t even respond I just tried to add in a box that said “grass” and she had me redo it :frowning:
  2. I was having a panic attack and my throat sealed up so I couldn’t talk, and we had to read to our partner. He noticed I wasn’t doing my lines and ratted on me, and I don’t remember what happened next but I do know I had to choke out the words.

We also had this bus driver, Dorthy. She had no fingernails and was old. She’d swear in front of the kids and bully me. I always got in trouble for talking when it was actually the people next to me, and apparently I was talking back when I tried to say it wasn’t me. So I had to sit in the front of the bus next to this really weird kid who had to be strapped in her seat, for the REST OF THE YEAR. Once, my friend got up to give me my backpack because she caught me and she slammed on the breaks, causing her to fall and slide on the ground. She hated us but she got fired :slight_smile: karma sucks huh.

It sounds like you were a challenging student to have,

Its okay, I was too.

Teachers are humans, they’re not perfect and they don’t do the right thing every single time.

You have to let these feelings go, man.

You’re grown now.

Of course, we’ve all had a couple teacher experiences where we knew we were being wronged and treated unfairly, you can’t just dwell on it.

Hope the rant made you feel better,

And yes, I believe karma is real and is probably just around the corner for a lot of the people you mentioned…


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Oh yeah, I was very hard to deal with. I wasn’t aggressive, but my illnesses were so severe I did stupid sh*t like yelling, talking, running around, or just doing stupid stuff. I never did homework because I was so ill. Failed every test. And I was abused by my dad and a girl at school, not to mention everyone at the school hated me and bullied me if given the chance. I cried a lot too, I think. I also went into the health room multiple times a day because I felt sick.

But I did have two teachers who were nice to me. They worked with me and I truly believe if the others just gave me a chance and actually praised me instead of yelling and making me feel like an alien, I think I would’ve done better. Mrs. Haslinger and my art teacher. I remember getting so attached to her I thought she was my mom. I’d hang out with her constantly but she had to leave. And Mrs. Haslinger was very strict as well, and wasn’t always easy on me. But she /cared/ about me. I think she saw what was happening to me, and that’s why she stood up for me when the class bullied me. Once I went into the boy’s bathroom on accident (I’m FTM, so I was a girl then), and I was laughed at for a few days. I sat down in class and cried, wishing I was dead, and she comforted me the rest of the day and gave me fruit snacks. I remember she cried when I had to graduate. She retired, and I think she’s dead now because she was old at the time. She didn’t yell at me, just the other kids. She’d actually help me with math and didn’t get mad at me when I couldn’t complete those 30 second math test things. She was kind to me, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

And yeah, I really hope they rot in hell

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And yeah I agree I really need to let it go. But it’s so upsetting how that school treated me. No one ever got me help, not the principle, no one, when I was being bullied so badly and I was seriously struggling. Never gave me special ED either, but I have an executive function problem. So I had to suffer through constant yelling and pain every single day. Very traumatic things happened to me, and it’s something I can never fully let go, because I know I can never get justice for it.


It sounds like you just didn’t have a lot of social skills or confidence,

That can really impact you at that age.

I’m sorry.

But you’re an adult person now, you can change.

Are you seeing a therapist or at least doing some sort of positive self affirmations?

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I don’t have a therapist right now. Had a few of them in the past, and they weren’t good for me or made me feel invalidated. I had one good one but we had to switch because I was going to the hospital.

And yeah, no social skills man. I did have a lot of friends, but they were mean to me. Most of them didn’t want to hang out with me, but they say my ideas and games are fun

i was give corporal punishment.

men can weld a paddle hard.

sometimes i was not guilty.

it taught me just ice did not exist.

i’m glad things changed for the better however a good old fashioned spanking would have been preferred to what has seemed like punishment.

those teachers and such have tried to befriend me as an adult.

i guess people did the best they could at the time. no teacher ever spanked my children. they didn’t need hit.

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I understand the feeling of injustice.

I was robbed/stripped of a title by a jealous, mean spirited teacher once and I’m still sour grapes about it.

Fifteen years later I’d still punch her right in the face…


Seriously, I get why these things bother you so much, but you’re only hurting yourself by letting them get to you.

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and to answer your question,

it’s 80 week days off per year and early retirement that places unfit teachers in school systems.

and in the past the union made it near impossible to fire a teacher.

thank goodness the new head of the dept of education is not, nor has not been a member of that union. i look forward to watching it topple.

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My physics and chemistry teacher. Made me feel stupid and an idiot. He and other students made fun of me.

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Ew :frowning: I hate it when teachers make you a target. That’s just messed up

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Thanks. It still kind of had an impact on me. I want to learn physics so I know I’m competent. I was a math major in university so I know I’m smart!

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That’s awesome! Good job man!

I had a terrible piano teacher. But, she was drop dead gorgeous, and I was in love with her and I kept her for five years and she really taught me to write music even though she couldn’t write herself. I really taught myself to write. The teacher I have now is the one who taught me how to write music correctly. I’ve had him now for the last six years and he is really, really good. Both at teaching performance and composition. I’m glad to have him. But, he’s not beautiful, unfortunately. Just really talented.

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I had lots of terrible experiences with teachers and principals. Now, keep in mind that I am weird and have a bunch of learning disabilities that were never diagnosed. So, not totally their fault for not understanding me, but seriously, doing these things to any kid is not nice. Here are a few of my incidents:

  1. (junior high) Once, I did something that this girl did not like so she and her friends cornered me on the playground behind a wall and smacked me around a bit. I told my mom about it and she told the principal. The next day, the principal called me and the girl into a room by ourselves and told me to smack her. She was not allowed to defend herself. When I didn't I got yelled at a bit, so I tapped her lightly on the cheek. The principal yelled at me and told me to do it harder but I could not. Then she called my mom and said that I didn't smack the girl very hard, so it must have not been a serious incident (on the playground)
  2. (junior high) We had chickens when I was growing up. They laid green eggs (really - look it up - they are called Americana chickens). I wanted to show off the neat green eggs to my class so I brought one in. Next, all the teachers said to my face that I was lying and I colored it. The kids laughed at me. And one teacher even read a mocking story about me and my green egg chickens (written by a student) to the whole class. Everyone was laughing and snickering at me, but the teacher didn't care.
  3. (junior high) every day I had to clap the erasers even though I was really allergic to chalk dust and it would give me a headache every time.

I could go on, but don’t want to bore people :slight_smile:

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Yeah, in elementary school. The gym teacher. He played the song Classical Gas and taught us a routine to do in time with the music. We each had two bowling pins to knock together and tap on the floor and wave our arms around. One kid could not do it, he kept screwing up.

The teacher stopped the record and started to yell at the kid. Then we started again. And the kid screwed up again. The teacher was yelling at the kid, saying that he was screwing up deliberately.

He then kicked the kid 's legs out from under him. Bowling pins went flying and so did the kid. He was almost perfectly horizontal in the air and waist high. Then the kid crashed to the floor head first. Hard. And didn’t make a sound.

That teacher was gone.


Wtf??? Damn and I’m complaining??? Sue that school wtf that’s abusive

Wtf… reminds me of the time I’d mess up in dance class and would get yelled at. That’s horrible

Its long over and the principal and teachers are probably long gone. Thing is, it wasn’t just one school. I guess it must have been my area that I grew up in (Maryland, USA). They must just have bad schools. There were private and public schools there that were bad too (I tried both). I guess people don’t like people with undiagnosed disabilities. That way they have no label given to them for you, so they come up with their own labels - dumb, stupid, waste of time, etc.

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There’s no such thing as a hooker with a heart of gold.

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