Ever had Happy Birthday sung to you in a restaraunt?

How did you handle it? It’s happened to me twice that I can remember. I really don’t like a lot of attention but I handled it well and didn’t freak out.

I was a waiter; waiting on tables can make some good money. We used to sing Happy Birthday to folks. I don’t sing well . . .

One of the reasons I quit being a waiter was that we had to sing Happy Birthday to folks!


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I had my birthday sung at a restaurant once, I will never go out again near my birthday to make sure it doesn’t happen again, voices were extreme agitated with the experience.

A few years ago, that would have ended badly. But if it happened now… I’d be able to enjoy it.

but no… it’s never happened to me.

My family usually celebrate all the birthdays at home or if it’s a nice evening, out on the beach or my very favorite, a picnic.

No, not me…however I have been one of the perpetrators of such a scheme a couple of times…
i did come home from work one time and got blasted with a bunch of people saying ‘surprise’ for a birthday…think it was 1990 or 91…

I turned BRIGHT RED like a tomato and started sweating and shaking. I was so overwhelmed and embarrassed that my body just reacted. It was NOT fun and now I (jokingly of course) threaten the lives of family members who would try to put me through that again.