Ever had an antipsychotic not work?

Ever had an antipsychotic not work?


Not really. Just some are a broader stroke than others or have a ton of side effects. They’ve worked well for what bothers me otherwise.


Oh yeah. Geodon didn’t work on my positive symptoms worth beans.


All APs i took worked for me but for different side effetcs i switch it to something else, but they work!


Zyprexa and Seroquel didn’t work for me.


Seroquel didn’t work for me and in fact made me worse.


Abilify. It not only did nothing for symptoms, the side-effects hit me like a mutha@#$%. I now refer to it as Disabilify.



Yes, Haldol, Stelazine, Perphenazine, and Abilify. None of them worked.

Seroquel didn’t work for me. It did put me to sleep though.

Yes, Vraylar made me worse.
I ended up in the Hospital.
(Everyone is different)

Seroquel I landed in ICU. It made me worse. Respiridal made me a zombie. Either Geodon or Abilify gave me breathing problems


Abilify made me binge eat til I was sick to my stomach. Latuda didn’t do anything .

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I think that in clinical terms when an Ap didn’t work for you… They’re meaning the side, effect profile and not the actual mechanism of action. Hate to think we might take a drug for decades that in the end; just didn’t work!

yes twice 151515

Every atypical I ever tried, they’d sedate me but I’d still be out of control internally, I basically lived in a nightmare for years while being compliant externally, it was chlorpromazine that changed my life. I don’t know how I thought works but it keeps my mind open and I can challenge myself, I am reducing now due to physical symptoms but that is the only reason and I would be happy not doing so but it is a matter of necessity I reduce because I am significantly physically disabled as well now.

I think different antipsychotics work for different peoples brain chemistry, I just respond badly to atypicals but many do not and they work very effectively for an awful lot of people and I do not deny that it just simply you don’t know what will work for each individual.

Yeah the only AP that ever actually fully worked for me was Risperidone. I wish it hadn’t caused such serious side effects so I could’ve stayed on it. Nothing else has really worked for me, or only partially worked and I couldn’t tolerate the dose increases to see if higher would help.

Vraylar is…ok so far. It has reduced frequency of my symptoms I guess. I’ve still had breakthrough symptoms that were pretty severe though.

My psychiatric nurse practitioner will only prescribe me risperidone, despite the side effects. She says the other ones don’t work as well.

She’s probably sleeping with Risperdone rep. I would find a different doc.


Trilafon and seroquel

My brain is very responsive to any antipsychotic. I knew a guy who could take any amount of Stellazine and it wouldn’t affect him.