Ever get a stereotype from a doc?

My doc said I’d go to a church and look at flowers and then I’d think about why they were there.

Another time he stated that my brain was like a jumbled puzzle.

Another doc tried to tell me that I thought something supernatural was controlling my hand.

Why do psych docs coach people like that?

Also had nurses try the same thing like saying I was having racing thoughts.

It makes me sick to think about it.

They said i “can’t have a third leg”

Yea sure… :eyes:

@littlecrocodal I’m not sure I follow what your saying.

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I had a male doctor years ago tell me I shouldn’t have kids, because I would become even crazier :laughing:

Don’t know if that’s a stereotype but I was quite offended he said that…

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My primary care doctor said I couldn’t be psychotic because I wasn’t homicidal. I was pissed. He was serious. I stopped seeing him.


My female psychiatrist feared me after my knife altercation with a co-worker at my previous employment. There were two situations where she put herself in a position thinking I would assault or attack her. Turns out I didn’t since she didn’t do anything to me. Those two situations changed her schema on how violent men behave. HAHA.

@yinyang i don’t think violence is funny at all. And it’s not funny she was afraid of you.

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I was humoring at the fact that her perception and schema of violent men was altered because of the two scenarios she placed herself with me in the psychological experiment.

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Oh, ok. I misunderstood. I apologize

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i dont know. i showed my original doc a photo of my high school girlfriend and i on a kayak and he said “she doesnt want to be there” then he said “why are you showing me this?” she was actualy had sun in her eyes so it looked like she was glaring at the camera.

he always used this creepy voice with me when he said things like that. i actualy got accused of viewing bizarre pornography by my father because we had all these crazy viruses on our family computer. stuff was dark. i cleared it up with my psychologist because he asked me right out but never the doctor. i ghink stuff is still happening to me because of that.

My previous pdoc when hearing I was paranoid said no I’m not psychotic. Huh?

My pdoc wrote in my notes I do weed. I don’t know why because I don’t.

I was giggling in my meetings.

Perhaps that means I’m a weed smoker lol

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One pdoc literally told me I am crazy.

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