Ever freak out?

You ever freak out when you realize that your consciousness is made of fragile rotting meat?

When i look at my own brain it really freaks me out, especially knowing that my entire head can easily be removed from my body in some horrible way.

My hideous blood pumps through my dying body.

And if i make it to tomorrow im going to get up and release the dead animal flesh from my arsehole and some poor person is going to be forced to clean it up(sewage treatment plants).

And what the ■■■■ are eyeballs anyway? Thats not okay, not at all!

I just freak out at how horrible it really is to be this ■■■■, no one should be forced to be this, and if anyone did make us we really have to find a way to kill him/her/them.

Sometimes i can’t believe people smile in their stupid pictures when they have children, they hold their infant child and smile, and give eachother congratulations even. Stop smiling, you didn’t do anything good or worthwhile, your child is screwed now and there is no way out of it.

And teeth, what a fantastic design that is, can’t wait for those to fall out of my skull, and they just look so ■■■■■■■ great protruding out of my gums.

You ever just freak out? If not you probably should.

You are freaking out MAN. No but really I get where your coming from. Life’s weird. It has been a pleasant experience for aside from this schizophrenia.

Yeah… I agree with kids being a bad thing.
Like you said, life sucks and I also don’t see a reason to create more beings just to suffer.