Ever Feel Watched on Here?

I feel like I have. One example is I used to post I didn’t believe in aliens. Then a year or so later, I saw some ufos above my house. It changed my beliefs. Now I believe in aliens.

Also, I don’t remember if I used to post on here before 2015 or early 2015, but 2015 was the worst year of my life. My memory is bad but I went to the mental hospital. I was paranoid. When I went there, i started freaking out because I remembered stuff. The mental patients there scared me as well as the staff. I thought i was going to be hurt or worse. Sometimes, i think i was being watched and it came from here. I said a lot of bizarre stuff in the mental hospital. It was due to topamax and possibly adderall (?).

I felt like I was part of a giant conspiracy to make me disappear.



I was fortunate enough to have found this forum during a period of relative stability, so I don’t feel that this website is part of some grandiose conspiracy for or against me.

I still feel that God and some of his angels are watching me, and that the universe has a generally positive bias towards people, in spite of how bad experiences can be.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

― Albert Einstein


I feel relatively safe here for I’ve never experienced anything nightmarish by being here for the last four years.

I kinda left almost all people behind who were involved in my last nightmarish hospitalization, just to feel safe.

I know I’m being watched on here idk it’s not so bad. I dont think they know who I am.

I don’t think anybody has enough time to spend it watching me. If they do, I kind of feel sorry for them.

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I don’t think I’m important nor interesting enough for anyone to want to watch me.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to keep track of what I do or write here.

Maybe my crazy ex, but he doesn’t know my username. And I doubt he’s functional enough to track me down here, let alone know about the forum.

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I sometimes feel mods are watching me and my pms.

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I feel someone I know or my pdoc might figure out who I am if I divulge too much info on here

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