Ever feel rejected by society

Then you’re walking and there’s a cute girl walking her dog and she didn’t cross the road to get away from me like everybody else but I went into the road to give her room and she said hi to me really nice and idk but one person could really make a difference when you feel dejected. So don’t put it past yourself that your one person that can cheer up another either :v: Be nice :blush:


That kind of thing is important, but I don’t like it when a person just smiles at you they think you owe them the moon and the stars. I kind of got myself in a situation where I dismissed the good vibes some people were sending me, and they got really mad about it. Yes, you should respect it when someone makes a gesture like that, but that doesn’t mean you owe it to them to take it up the ass.

It happens a lot. Sometimes even people who used to help in my mental illness care ignore me. I guess for some of them it’s all about the money.

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