Ever been so sad that it physically hurts?

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Take it easy, you probly look great


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Remember than miserable feeling you may have had as a kid, along with that exact facial expression to go with it.

Well I had it again once as an adult, but it was so intense that my facial muscles when into a cramp.The feeling itself was so extreme that if it had lasted just a bit longer, I would have deliberately kicked the bucket.

It’s possible that it was due a seizure that occurred in a specific part of the brain, but whatever it was, it was nasty and life threatening.

Isn’t that called embodied cognition?

I drink if I am that sad. Or I just cry it out.

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I struggled with that type of depression for years. It felt like my heart was broken. That was the tell tale sign I was going into a depression. Mine was due to a hormonal imbalance so no psych med helped. Now that I have been on Metformin I haven’t been depressed in almost six years. The doctors diagnosed me with BiPolar Disorder because the antidepressants didn’t help. I still get sad from time to time but nothing like the depression I went through. Cutting was the only coping skill that ever helped, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Feel better!! :sunny:

Yeah, I’ve been that sad - twice. The first was at my mother’s first wake. I walked into the room and saw her lying in state, and I felt “someone” deliver a punch to my chest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. I took a step back and was quite dazed. The second was when I walked in to the room in which my dad killed himself. I got dizzy and the sheer horror of the room made my rock onto my heels and say outloud, “Wow.”

That is terrific :cry:
Trauma stays alive forever. I can still recall my childhood fear of father’s uncontrolled rage when they were fighting.

Whenever I get that sad, I let myself cry while playing really upbeat music. And I keep playing upbeat music until I feel as happy as the music sounds. Then I immediately take a quick nap so I don’t start thinking about whatever made me sad again. Then when I wake up, I’m all better. It works for me every time