Evening walk

I had my evening walk, it snowed and it was windy, it was dark with occasional street lights, it felt so peaceful, but at the time lonely because not many people were outside. I liked it and I thought what I could write in my journal. After coming back I started writing more diary pages.


I like walking in nature too.

It gets my thoughts out

And is healthy for my mind and body

Makes me feel less guilty

It’s cool u write a journal good to be expressive like that instead of keeping it just in your head

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I think that journaling is a good habit. Sometimes I review already written journals and find out what I have experienced, thought or felt. I started writing my journal entries in America in February 1999 when I was quite depressed and saw my life changing and then later I went through a divorce. I think it is good to go back in time and analyse how my life was then. Somehow in 1999 I felt that my memory became worse and my journal entries helped me to keep my memory better.


Yea I think it’s good too to keep a record. To see how things have improved and to feel like you’ve achieved stuff aswell as to consolidate lessons.

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