Evening voices

I get voices I get voices every evening but not during the day anybody else have voices just certain times of the day.

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Yes, I get them most when I’m trying to fall asleep at bedtime. Sometimes during the day but less often.

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During the day and not late in the evening. Mine literally go to sleep and I hear them snoring.

Best is clozapine tablets

I used to hear the voices plotting against me while I was trying to sleep, kept me up all night worried. Upping the dose of good ol abilify helped that

I wouldn’t say that there were any times during the day where they would speak to me, it was more that i had nothing to distract myself with and that i would become more aware of them. So, during the day when my attention was being kept busy by something, i didn’t notice them. However, when i try to go to sleep at night and my mind isn’t busy doing something, that is the time i notice them the most.

Mine would come at exactly 6:30pm and not leave until about 10:30pm. It would literally be on the button

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