Even though this site isn't that interesting

I find myself here all day as I’ve just been stuck in my room, feeling lousy, also playing some youtube shows in the background and doing email with an old friend. I guess this site has become a source of comfort.


Same here. I’m sure the people at the check in desk at my community college computer lab are sick of me :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been just reading this site for hours every day since my laptop is broken and up in another city with my mom. Cheers for boredom :clap:

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i find it interesting but i am bored off myself …!!! i cant work and have relation …!!! life’s a cruel .!!!

I remember when I didn’t have a job and was isolated from my friends, I would go on this site called tumblr and just waste hours on that, not even liking anything or posting anything. Nowadays though, I use most of my free time with reading a whole bunch. I’ve found myself reading books that have sz characters but are fiction. It’s interesting

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Where else can you openly and freely talk about schizophrenia and closely-related disorders in a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment?

(Shout out to the mods and administrators.)

It’s hard to notice me over everyone else’s pain some days but at least it helps me feel less alone in the world. Mind you I have no idea if any of you are real.


we are real

unless I’m in a dream right now… o.O

Don’t know tbh when I was first hospitalized in 1989. If I did mention I was talking to people around the world with words on screen with a plastic box connected by a phone line I’m sure they would of doubled my meds.


I mean heck, if I’m not real then everyone else around me isn’t real and I’d have to compliment you on having a very active imagination to know how a teenage girls mind would work :stuck_out_tongue: