Even Dogs can feel lonely

I know this sint really a SZ topic, but dogs are a HUGE part of my life, and it is proven that sufferers of SZ can have huge benefits from interacting with dogs and cats. this story I am about to post hits close to home for me, one because I seek comfort from a stuffed animal myself, and two, I have a rescue dog who has latched onto a tiny stuffed Chihuahua that she found while running as a stray.

I know some people might find this pointless and depressing, but the way I see it, if this encourages even ONE person to foster or adopt, then I have changed two worlds.

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I can’t even click that, it already saddens me.

it was emailed to me by a friend in rescue, it took me all day to click it

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Moved to Recovery. Pet companions are an acknowledged therapy for those with MI.