Even bicycles break down

I visited my father at the elderly care facility and I rode my bicycle there as I always do. When I was coming back and rode in one large downhill I noticed that both front and rear breaks were not working and I had to use my shoes to slow down and stop to avoid an accident. Even bicycles break down and so there is something to fix again.

It was funny when I talked with my father at the elderly care facility, and then he just said that he wanted some cognac. I did not have any, but this made me wonder why not. Many people at these elderly care facilities are in the end of their lives, and little cognac may just make them happier on this final journey. What do you think?

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Yes, push bikes need maternance. You can buy books on what needs to be done just about anywhere.

They also often serve alcohol to the residence here. I think we use to bring in a bottle of something in and gave to the staff to give to my Gran at night, every couple of months or so. Ask them what the situation is about it.