Evelyn documentary

With BBC’s mental health awareness programmes there was a great documentary on Saturday.

It is was a film made by the family ( one of which was a film maker) and it tells the story of how their brother/son killed himself. It turns out Evelyn was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lost his battle but this is about the fall out the family went through and go through coming to terms with it.

It is poignant as his family and friends who had avoided even mentioning his name go on walks on Scotland and talk about him. A lot of tears were shed and the documentary really shows how such an act affects the family and friends who dearly loved him.

Catch it on iplayer!


Sounds significant! I’m in the US. Hope I can see it somehow!

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Here’s the link – BBC iPlayer only works in the UK.

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Bummer I can’t watch it in the USA.


I guess we’ll have to wait until it’s available here in the U.S.

Here’s the trailer on YouTube – it looks very interesting.


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