Eurovision Song Contest

I follow Eurovision religiously every year. I wish there were more serious entries and less ‘joke entries’. And then you have the serious entries that are the worst jokes of all. I nominate DJ Bobo’s “Vampires Are Alive” as the ultimate offender in that category:

This is what happens when artists start taking themselves too seriously.

Any other Eurovision fans here?



You’re a vampire…

(i hope you’re offended) :smile:

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.



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that’s how we mericans use it…

but touche

watched it since I was a kid. I think I stopped after a year of Conchita Wurst. O.o
Those guys were unforgettable.

I havent watched this one at time but there is a legend around here that it was the first and the last time when Croatia got to the no.2.

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These days Id rather watch Eurovision than the national team playing soccer…

Eurovision is fun. Not my kind of music but I love watching it anyway.

Eurovision Winner I liked:

Absolutely horrible.

Last year’s winner

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