Eurovision song contest

Ukraine won & i’m happy about that but is it a popularity contest or are the votes reflecting the actual music? GB 2nd Spanish 3rd

i didnt think the uk entry was that good but did anybody watch it?

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I only realized Eurovision existed from the movie
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga in 2020.

Sounds like it was a symbolic win.

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GB got nil points bc we were the most hated country in europe for breaking from the eu that year i think,

Too political. I would have put UK first - Spaceman is a bangin’ tune. Also really favoured Austria and Netherlands entries. I understand their wanting to recognize Ukraine, but this contest should be about the art.


I think its nice they won but maybe its bc of current events and a 2 finger V salute up at Putin
Putin wouldnt give a ■■■■ about the song contest

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I completely missed euro vision this year.

I miss it every time :money_mouth_face:

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It is like 4 hours long I’m not surprised lol.

I only watch when with family but live alone now

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