European report about turkish psych ward frightened me as hell

İ really frightened by european reports about turkish psych wards.i m from turkey and i use to know that some wards really horrible but i read terrible things about those place on report included using same blades with everybody for trimming (potential transmitted disease by cutting),force to take showers with everybody as naked, use same towel with everbody in shower(all of them with fungus) use ect to everybody etc.i really shocked and afraid a lot.i was before in psch ward in turkey one time but it was relatively modern and civilized but i think those places at report is much more than i use to think


It would be nice if there were better ways to help people in mental health crisis. The most vulnerable of us can’t afford expensive hospitals. The best way to avoid stress is to be compliant but its not easy for everyone…

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As i read on report its really hard to cope those conditions.its include sexual assault to mentally challenged people.beating,starving all of them at those reports.

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