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It never arrived. The tracker keeps saying no one was home for the delivery, but there was always someone in the house at all times, so they’re lying. We sent an e-mail, but didn’t hear back from them.

30€ down the drain.


Soz to Hear Your Bad News … ,

Quick Question ,

If You Have Already Tried it … ,

Does it Work and What Does it Do (???)

I haven’t tried it because it never arrived.

You can read this thread for further information:

Fair Enough … ,

Thanks for tha Info and Lynk … … …

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How did you pay, you should be able to get your money back if you paid by visa or mastercard. I use paypal for alot of things you can get a refund easily.

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Yes, I know, I was just looking into it, thank you :slight_smile: My mom payed with her credit card.

That sucks. I had a similar experience trying to pay my internet bill. It makes a person mad.

1 Like is going to refund the money, they say the problem was with the carrier not with them.

They gave the chance to resend another package, but I don’t want it. I heard we can get it from amazon.

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