Etsaman , a new word

This is new word

It means

“you are human, there is no light in you.”

I couldn’t find this word online but I like it. May I use it? Is it your word or a kinda free for all word?

It’s my word, you have to pay to use it.

But i tell you, make up a word for me and we’ll just trade.

myabrainifallitosis (The name for the genetic mutation that causes stupidity)

I likey.

But the definition should be “the genetic mutation that has created the most useful people on earth.”

Because who gets all things done? The morons. They built this computer you are on with their hands, your home, they built it, they collect every last material used for anything of importance that is made on the entire earth.

They made my shoes, my clothes, all of it.

Ode to the stupid man, you have saved so many that it is hard to count all of them, it was you we should have been thankful to this entire time, an intelligent man was beneath you, worthless compared to you.

Even the inventor is worth less than you, because if you had not made what he invented only a few would have had it.


That’s only here in the U.S where people have the opportunity for education and self betterment. Also, you might be smart (engineer, scientist, or something) and have a manager who suffers from myabrainifallitosis. We are already learning how to make baseless decisions in my management class. We know literally nothing about something and make a strategy.
I agree that people with myabrainifallitosis are useful, but in a way they aren’t. They tend to make poor life decisions (showing up to work at a heavy industrial plant drunk) that could hurt themselves and other people (the drunk myabrainifallitosis dude presses the 'squish the crud out of that piece of metal while Bob’s hand is still there because he is drunk). So while I agree that people who have this mutation are useful for some work they must be strictly supervised.

Perhaps being ■■■■ on your entire life causes you to make certain poor life decisions, because who gives a ■■■■ anymore when you are nothing but boned.

Mustn’t people give them a reason not to do these things first?

Regardless they are the most important people on earth, i tried to prove myself wrong the other day to, i thought well what about doctors that is way more important than what they do and are, and then it hit me, where did the doctor acquire his scalpel, who built the hospital, the ambulance, the road to the hospital, it all is built from them.

And then i thought well what about a musician, i love music, those people are very important to me, they must be more important than what they call the dumb ones, they must be, dumb people can’t play music, and then it hit me again, where did people get the strings, the wood, the wiring, all of it comes from them.

And id be willing to bet they would make better decisions if they were given better oppurtunities and shown more kindness and fairness, who knows maybe one day people can even pay them what they need for doing literally EVERYTHING on earth.

I agree that was rather unfair of me and I should refine. I’m not talking about a little boy or girl who grew up in the ghetto and had no role models and no parents who wanted to encourage him to grow. I know people do get out of that situation, but they are rare in the way that Einstein is rare. They are special and honestly I think that speaks more than any blue blood, old money, pedigree to me. I know I personally don’t have the strength of will, the smarts (both book and street), and just plain fortitude to pull something like that off. I think very few people do. That’s what makes them so special and inspirational.
I’m talking these pampered kids living in a suburb environment who drive around in the truck that their Daddies bought them and knock girls up because they are too stupid to use protection. Same for the girls who spend their whole academic careers trying to find a rich guy to marry and wonder why they are so unhappy when they do find him.