Etiquette Lesson :This Afternoon I Had The Family Dinner From Hell

Today was my father’s birthday so he wanted me to come to the house. He cooked steak on the barbecue that was not cooked all the way through. At the dinner table I took a piece of steak and pink blood dripped on my nice sweater.

Went downstairs to use the washing machine. Then my mother comes down to the basement slapping my cheek.

She said “look at what you are doing now”.

“Did you ask permission before using the washing machine”?

Me- NO

“Look at what you did. Now the water bill is going to be high because of you god d@@@@ittt”.

“Listen, you should have waited to go home before doing laundry”

“Where is your manners my lord”.

Did I do something wrong? Was it improper of me to use the washing machine instead of asking first?

:angry: :angry: :angry:

Your mother overreacted.


I don’t think I would use my mom’s washing machine without asking, but I know if I did she wouldn’t react like that.

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