Eternal Pleasure

So, imagine that we live in a world in which robots do all the work and the only work we have to do is eat, drink and relieve ourselves. Also, in this world, there are pleasure devices that have nearly infinite modes granting one any kind of pleasure for the rest of one’s life. The environment is safe, due to intelligent engineering. And there is no more contention or war. Would you choose to live the rest of your life experiencing any pleasure you wanted? Note this:

The B movie Cherry 2000 comes to mind.

Or as Sally Field said in the movie Punchline “How can anyone get intermit with anything that has only a 2 year warranty?”

The books and TV series Red dwarf’s - Better Then Life game also comes to mind. It was so addictive that people staved to death as they lived out their fantasies in a virtual world. Not wanting to face reality as the virtual world was so much better. Catering to their every fantasy.