Eternal life is against the purpose of reproductive system

Well, I am just guessing.

The birth and death are purpose of reproductive system. If eternal life is possible with no death at all, the earth would be fully occupied.

Unlike mankind…(Warning: Do not click the spoiler if you are sensitive about religion)

I understand that angelic creatures do not have gender but do have eternal life.


I don’t understand why one would want to live forever. That’s just awful. Like props to you if your life is amazing enough and you enjoy it enough to want to live it forever but not me, no way.

I was thinking of writing a book where a man sells his soul to realize his dreams and then learns from his guardian angel that the soul is sort of this powerful vessel made from God’s own energy that was a gift from God that takes a person’s essence and consciousness when they die and thus allows them to live forever on the nonphysical plane and also have awesome powers that come from having some of God’s energy. So the guy ends up freaking out that he gave this away since he really didn’t understand what a soul was to begin with and then goes on a quest to get his soul back.

If he doesn’t get his soul back then when the demon that has it dies it’s essence will be absorbed by the soul instead and it will become extremely powerful and the nonphysical plane will be in great danger so he has to take that into account too.

That’s not actually what I believe about the soul I just thought it would make for a good story.

I would like to live forever I’m afraid of death especially getting murdered. I’ve been threatened before.

Sex is not for reproduction only.

I do believe our brain wants to make us gravely afraid of death, it’s how we evolved to have good survival mechanism. Just having sz, and seeing how our brain can make us give up all rational thought, i can see how pur brains can make us atheist.