today my parents and I went to a city near us and we came out of the car park and there was a big escalator that was very exposed as I waited for the glass lift my legs started to shake. I got in the lift and could not look down. I was ok once got to the bottom floor and went to the café. I think though its something I could master if I keep doing it


Good luck with beating this fear. Be kind to yourself and don’t push SO hard that you make it worse.

Are you conquering a fear of heights… since the lift was glass, or are you conquering a fear of enclosed spaces?

I do not like elevators, I do have a fear of closed in spaces, and I have a fear of getting stuck in one


You’re not the only one. I’m Ok for short lifts, and I’m getting better. My sis and I got stuck in one during a small earthquake. It was just for a tiny bit. Not fun.

I sort of handled it better then she did. I thought it was another personal earthquake. But now she won’t go in one. She takes the stairs all the time.

She has a deep fear of being locked into small spaces. Sadly there is a valid reason for that.

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I am ok with lifts . I have to be as i live on the 11th floor. Although how i would be if i was trapped in one is another matter. I prefer escalators within buildings to outside ones. Sometimes i worry i am going to lose my balance or faint.

i am absolutly terrified of lift , escalators and stairs, its a big problem for me .