ES tactics

Umbra + black azura’s star+ any top level sword with the two enchantments that combine fire + shock and ice + shock.

Strike with umbra sword (soul trap for 60 sec)
Switch weapons
Go to town
Fire does additional health damage
Ice drains stamina
Shock drains magicka.
Soul is trapped.
Recharge weapon.

Next enemy.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Skyrim I’m presuming or one of the Elder scroll games beyond that.

Haven’t got Skyrim but does the black Azura Star hold all souls or just humanoid races? Have always wondered but was afraid to google too much in case of coming across even more spoilers.

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Yeah humans only, but it has the largest enchanting/recharging value…

umbra didn’t make an appearance in skyrim to my knowledge.

You could use the bound weapons with the soul sucker perk.

I just remembered I used the glass sword with those enchantments.

I’ve forgotten how the mechanics of oblivion worked… Also just realized I can use the console to max my character from the start…(recently bought ES 4 on steam). Well might have to play now.

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