Erratica, pegged me wrong

Thought i was the hermit.


I’m the zero, i don’t exist in this universe, but this universe came from another universe, which means that zeros can indeed exist. A zero, also a circle, denoting that which does not begin and has no end.

I exist in both planes. My reality has way more to do with just this planet and universe, it’s why i act so weird. Most people are looking at short term, but i’m literally staring forever in the face every single day, you’d act very strange.

I’m in a hopeless place but i have all of the hope that can be had, it’s why they call me a fool, but that is just because i know. Knowing makes you look stupid. Ask any genius that has ever come through here and they’ll tell you, they all get called stupid and weird.

What would you do, how would you act? If you knew death wasn’t the end but the beginning? ■■■■ you might even run right into it as fast as you could right?

Erratica, i’m no hermit. I’m the one with no value, the zero, seemingly not able to exist unless you factor in where our universe came from, the fool.

I live in both worlds, it’s why i’m up on the cliff, cliffs aren’t dangerous to spirits, they can go anywhere and do anything without harm or dangers. It’s confusing living in both worlds at the same time. I have to focus, but i can’t, it’s just that mother ■■■■■■■ awesome man, i can’t focus on this anymore, i better grab my ■■■■ and go.


please don’t take your own life, my friend :frowning:


I hope I read this right, but I found it hysterical (in a good way). Did you write that? If so, you’re brilliant (in a good way).

If I’ve completely misread you (in a bad way), then please take care of yourself. :confused: