Erratic moods

I’m so depressed right now…I can’t shake it. When the depression steps aside I’m extremely anxious and I’ve been trying to take it easy today since I know I had a trying day yesterday…finding out some health problems of mine. Every time I feel anxious I try laying down but then I think I shouldn’t just be lying in bed all day…and then I get depressed because my voices kick in telling me I’m fat, lazy, and pathetic. It’s just all so overwhelming right now I don’t know what to do.

I’m trying to do things I normally do when i’m confronted with one emotion or the other, but to constantly be bombarded with all of them at different times, then all at once…it’s hard to take my mind off it and just “relax”. I’ve been playing my Sims which usually relax me, but then I get frustrated and want to do something else, so I go lay in bed and read…again I get anxious ad frustrated so I get up and need something to do…but I don’t have anything else. My head is a major mess right now…


Do you have anything to take (like a benzo for emergencies) ?

no…I do take Lexapro but I don’t know, I need to take it in a few hours for my regular dosage…I think it’s to close to the time I take it.

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I asked my doctor for a few benzos recently to get me over a rough patch. I was only given a few so I wouldn’t get addicted. Maybe you could do the same ?

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@sohare1981 You might consider asking your doctor for something for the anxiety. You’re going through a very stressful time right now with your health issues and it’s OK to ask for help.

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I’ve kind of calmed down some since earlier, it helped going downstairs, getting away from the bed and computer. The only problem tonight I’m having is a ringing in my left ear…I don’t normally have Tinnitus, but there are a lot of you-tube white noise music-like channels that are supposed to help with that. And considering the time I just to my medication so I should be okay for the rest of the night. It’s just been a very stressful couple of days for me, and I do not handle stress well. So please just bear with me the next couple of days as I continue to take in all the information I was bombarded with yesterday.

And thanks for the ideas. If the issues don’t go away I may call my doctor. Mom even noticed they had a psychiatry center at the hospital I was at yesterday and we may try and sign up for a doctor there, which would be a lot closer than trying to get to St. Louis from here for one appointment. But handling all the thyroid problems and the concept of possibly changing psych. doctor’s after I’ve been with my current doctor since 06 well…I don’t need to explain how my brain is handling all this info-dump.

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I’m feeling a lot better today so far. It’s a wonder what a good night’s sleep can do.

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