Er...What Did Daze Do Now?

I hope her suspension was justified this time. She’s battling this affliction just like the rest of us.


Not surprised…

So i missed the drama again. :rolling_eyes:


Don’t look at me – I was at work. And I sure as hell won’t be reading that book.


I don’t get all the concern over this…

Whatever. Now I’m eating your popcorn.


Hey that’s my job lol

Pass the JuJubies please. And the Milk Duds. It’s going to be a long show.

There’s no one to defend daze so there’s no real arguments here…I was just surprised anyone cares…

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You don’t realize everyone is just wondering where the hell is the drama thread? :smiley_cat:


There was a thread where her first 2 posts were hidden could be that…

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Once upon a time

The official opening line for the play
Daze Lost in Forumland

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Oh I see. Thanks!

Her posts were deleted sorry you missed out on the drama…

Daze was posting all kinds of off-topic anti-clinical trial posts on a post that was about how laws were now in place to improve disclosure on research results from Clinical trials.

When we asked her to tone it down, she posted more.

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Sarad, you need to give up and Pixel, your discrediting and hatred over me.

My daughter and my son have the best character because I’ve developed it.

You can learn.