Equality, equal rights, training, and support

Does anyone feel like their Rights have not been upheld on this forum?

all the various Charities as far as the eye can see who work with disadvantaged people are bound by a set of rules about how they treat people, all of these organisation have to sign a contract stating that they will follow these rules so that no-one is treated unfairly,

The rules are there to uphold the rights of the individual who receives care or support from the organisation, I’m guessing the volunteers on this site have not had any formal training about how to uphold a persons universal rights.

maybe it is time to offer some sort of training as a guide so they can be 100% sure that they are making the right decisions regarding the regulation of this forum. @SzAdmin

It makes sense to make sure people are given the proper care and support,

also i was wondering if mods had access to a counselling service in case they are struggling with the work they do here. this can be a good tool to maintain good mental health for our mods.

It’s a voluntary thing and there is some judgement but it’s basically a private website. Moderation is taken seriously and I can’t comment on what has upset you but I’d imagine you crossed some line.

You can never be 100% sure of anything can you? I think your making unreasonable demands on what is a volunteer system with little or no financial backing. You had some posts removed. It happens. This will be locked till I hear back from other mods about what on earth your upset by.

Please be civil and supportive.

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