EPS / TD = new AP or not?

I just switched from invega to vraylar about six weeks ago. In the mean time, I have developed some minor extrapyramidal symptoms and/or some minor tardive dyskinesia movements. My doctor is recommending to stay on Vraylar. He says that Vraylar has a lower likelihood of causing these side affects than the invega, but I have a hard time thinking it could be caused by the invega since I stopped that six weeks ago, and the symptoms became noticeable while on the Vraylar. To me, it would seem to be more logical to try switching to another AP right away, but my psychiatrist doesn’t seem to think so.

I was on 30 mg of Haldol for four years, up until mid-March of this year, when I started Zyprexa. I started getting TD symptoms about three days into the Zyprexa. I saw my pdoc a month after I started it, and she said she thought it was because I was coming off such a huge dose of Haldol, rather than the low dose of Zyprexa. Also, I did not have TD when I was on Zyprexa in 1996-97.

Turns out she was right. I had TD for about six weeks, but then it went away. It was the Haldol.

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Thanks for your tip! All the best!

It’s about the balance. If good effects of medication are making more of a difference in your life than the bad ones then dont change if not then change, they all have side effects and its different for everyone. Your psychiatrist knows the meds but you know how You are feeling on them better.

I recently switched from Invega to Vraylar and I had some EPS as well to start with but it has gone away. I know that Invega has a long half life so it could be the combination of the two right now causing that. I would give it a little more time