Episode successfully nipped in the bud!

Posting this because I’m really excited that I stopped an episode before it got bad. I could tell one was coming on because all this crap happened to me at once. We’ll I powered through and sorted out ALL the crap yesterday (NOT easy, by the end of the day I was in so much emotional pain I couldn’t move) and today I went back to being totally fine! In the morning I was a bit weird still and things were surreal-ish but once I got about halfway through the day I felt in control and like my normal self!

I haven’t been able to stop an episode like that in quite a while, it’s gotten so much more difficult with college. I have new hope :slight_smile:


Good for you Anna:)

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Sounds like your on your way to mastering your condition. Good job that is really impressive. We’re always here if you need us.


Stopping an episode is always nice to do. Sometimes though it can be energy consuming.

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It’s feels good to be in control doesn’t it.