Ents and Triffids

I think climate change is a conspiracy of the trees to put more CO2, the remains of the ancestors back in the atmosphere. They want to take over again. They’ve been programming us from the start with books. They really are ancient. A solar power economy means nobody has sex, because after all that’s what petrol is really all about. Triffids are the solution, producing the best oil ever invented, though dangerous if undocked. We need Ents to take care of the trees and keep them in order. Thank you.

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The trouble we are having out here points that things are amiss with the climate. Whether you believe it or not having once in a lifetime weather events every five years isn’t cool.

Solar = no sex? Plenty of sex in the world regardless. Petrol is about monopoly and a select few dictating price but look into diamonds. It’s an artificial construct like paper money. We all accept this.

Not sure your point. I like ents though. Tree herds would save us having to stop deforestation. They could take on the bulldozers and make lawn sculptures for the culturally elite.

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I have nothing against Ent’s per se but no damn tree is going to run my life. If I want to keep wrecking every chance I ever get to have sex, well, that’s just my inalienable right, thank you very much.

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You either need to discuss this with your doctor or Peter Jackson. I can’t decide.




Dude… Are you taking any medication?
No offense, but judging from your posts, you really should.

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More like Peter Johnson, lol.

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