Entering the iclepertin trial

I originally called about Rl-007 which I was a lot more excited for but was disqualified from the trial because I’m technically on two antipsychotics. Iclepertin is supposed to help with cognition and is a GlyT1 inhibitor which allows for higher glycine levels within synapses. Apparently this helps with NMDA hypofunction. It’s pretty similar to how they think sarcosine works. Anyway I’m signing a consent form on Friday and should be beginning the trial before the end of October. Pretty excited and if I’m allowed I’ll keep you guys posted on how I respond to it. The first 6 months of the trial will be double blind but after that I roll over into a year long period where I will 100% be receiving the drug.


Sarcosine is an NMDA coagonist.

Edit: I just read you already know.

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Clozapine increases NMDA and D1 function which is thought to be good for cognition but its also anticholinergic which is bad for cognition.

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