Enjoy the silence! (voices thread)

These days voices have been hard on me.
Just woke up after a day of voices induced headache and they are gone,as my headache.
Just wanted to hear from you how you manage to have productive life with constant bugging.
To mention,I have two good friends who are sz,but voices free,and I can’t explain them,nor I’m trying,how their problems are easy to deal with.
It’s half past midnight here in eastern Europe.

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I don’t hear voices and I’m just keeping my head above water so to speak. If I heard voices that would probably finish me off.


I like that. Enjoy the silence!

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When I was in hospital two years ago,I noticed only few people that are hardly managing to keep them inside,and not speak gibberish.I just recalled and laughed how folks there only problem was food and lack of erection.
Once I told my aunt at her place that when I talk to her I hear intense voices.Wanted her to know my daily “program” .

As I hear them for twenty three years,I can tell that I tried every medication available,and only Risperdal high doses or depot have been good for voices.
But I was having several other problems like lack of bladder control and diarrhea every morning.
When last experimental year of ap’s I’ve gone through,Had to stop Risperdal after four months and move on with Zyprexa and Haldol.
Meds that didn’t work are Clozaril,Abilify,Seroquel and other newer aps.
Prolixin and Haldol as add on ap’s shown more voice free properties.

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