English councils handing huge extra care bills to disabled and mentally ill

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Thats my local authority West Sussex County Council, that was mentioned.

It is disgusting. I had a care team for about 6 months, but i soon got rid of them - when i found out it was swallowing up my monthly pip payments.

It was actually cheaper for me to employ a private cleaning firm to keep my flat upto scratch - than have a local authority care agency to do it.

The care agency that kept my place up to scratch didn’t charge for ages and then dumped a huge bill on me. My stepdaughter kicked them into touch and got someone who’d previously worked at the care agency to come in instead. It was cheaper for me to do that while paying her a higher hourly rate of pay than she’d got from the care agency.

Unfortunately due to Covid , and her working at several places,including a school, it was decided by my stepdaughter and I that her coming in was too risky.

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