Enforced abilify - i want it out of my system

hi, i am currently under going an enforced by community treatment order of maximum dose injection aripriprizole/abilify and no longer want anything to do with anti-psychotics…

this drug has basically killed my creativity and my motivation levels have dropped to almost nothing…

not to mention i think being punished/forced to take drugs against my will because i have a mental disease is inhumane and just plain wrong to do to someone in this day and age…

please someone let me know how to get this out of my sytem or how to lower its effectiveness even…

any help is appreciated… thanks…

maximum dose injection aripriprizole/abilify

As far as I know, there’s only one dosage. There is no maximum and minimum.

Being forcibly hospitalised and being forced to take meds saved my life. That, looking back, was more important than creativity!

I hope it saves your life too.

I’m on abilify pills by the way.


hi, thanks for your reply
i did not know about the dosage always being the same…
as for being hospitalised - i am not - i just have an order to get the injections…
it does have punishments for breaking the order though - apparantly they can come down on you big time…
as for symptoms - it doesnt do much but it is better than nothing -
i just dont like the fact that its enforced - and who likes needle injections !
i would rather be on the pills if i have too…

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I know that there are different dosages of abilify. I have had them. Currently I take 30 mg which is about max. I take it by mouth though. I don’t have too much trouble with creativity or motivation now but it did when I was first diagnosed and made to take an drug Stellazine as a requirement of my employment. I think a lot of the problem is that you are being made to take the drug against your will. Community treatment does sound archaic. I have heard of it though. I feel for you.

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Sorry you have to deal with this. How long have you been receiving injections? Sometimes, the side effects wear off after a while.

I take sarcosine to help me with my motivation and concentration. It’s very popular on these forums. It could help you too.

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I’m schizophrenic because I don’t hold a job. The society isn’t interested in what goes on in my head so much as my behavior.

They have a camp here for youth offenders. A lot of those young folks were heavy marijuana users. Marijuana stays in the system for awhile, and the directors of the youth camp figure their words are not going to make much of an impression on those young folks because they are still basically high. I think that’s one reason for the hard physical training the young folks get. The directors are trying to sweat the marijuana out.

What is the behavior on your part that makes society impose psychiatric treatment on you?


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Actually the maximum injection is like 500 mg per month. Used to be 300. I was on 300+ 15 mg pill. But I know they’ve come out with stronger forms since then!

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I’m on a court order too but it actually kept me out of the hospital for 4 years now.


I started off on injection as constituents of not being kicked out of the house, then after two years my doctor took me off injection. A year on pills now almost. It’s been almost three years out of the psych ward!! Thanks to abilify. And I don’t plan on going back… No offense to those who work at the psych wards I’ve been in but never wanna see them ever again…

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Maybe talk with your legal team to see if you can change what med injection you’re taking? I know Abilify reacted very poorly with me. If that’s not possible you may just have to grin and bear the suckishness until you can legally change your med

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hi, i have been getting the injections for about 4 months now
i think about the sarcasine thingy if i ever get off the cto… thanks

hi, it is imposed because they think i am unreliable at taking my medication…
i have stated to the psychs though i only ever stop for extreme pain which ceases when i do…

The court order should lift once you are voluntarily taking meds, it’s a paradox situation for you. It’s not really advisable to go off meds with this illness, especially so close to a psychotic episode.

Maybe you can ask your pdoc for a change of meds? I’m on Invega sustenna injections and my creativity is just fine.

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there are some pdocs and others who are against forcing anti-psychotics on anyone except maybe violent people. i don’t know what else to tell you here but what’s their excuse?



I feel ur pain bro, I use to be extremely creative before this illness and the meds. I use to make allot of money from my creativity but now my brain isn’t the same anymore.

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well, i can gladly say i have never hurt another human being in my entire life… well not physically, i have yelled at a few people…