Enerygy is draining


I am not able to feel myself and think for myself. I am losing out my energy very often. I am not able to get up from where i am. Things are not looking great. Hope someone has some valuable thoughts on it.


I’ve been there but it can get better. What meds are you on? Changing or adjusting doses can help a ton!

You talked to a doctor about depression? It can be just like that even though you may not be totally bummed out!

Need some more information but I’m just an internet hack…you need to be talking to your doctor! and do it now!


Abilify, Cizorest, Lithium and Pridep, My meds have just been changed. I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms for a long time. I am not able to think positive at all. I spoke to a doctor 2 days back. I forgot to ask about ECT the other doctor advised. I wanted to know if i would be needing that or not.


Hope u will find peace soon…!!! I dont know how to suggest U. yes one thing ask ur pdoc about ect…!! Dont forget this time…


I dont know how to lead my life nowadays. Its getting harder for me physically and mentally. I feel like passing out. I am not able to open my mouth. I am not able to make comments. I am not able to make friends.


I dont know its a symptoms of sz or personality fault…!!! U CAN see therapist who can understand ur grudge…!!! Have a good day my brother…


What is personality fault?


I’m similar to you. A lot of sz’s are. It might take a while, but you’ll get over it.


I am diagnosed Bipolar I disorder. I am not so convinced about it. I lost touch with reality now. Still thriving somehow.


Talk to someone you trust, I think it will help.